Herbal cures for Gynecomastia – Do man boob reduction pills work?

Before we start, I just want to point out that there are no medical studies that can prove the effectiveness of these types of cures and supplements for man boobs.

In fact one of the leading manufacturers of these “man boob miracle pills” has had its BBB (council of better business bureaus) accreditation removed for not being able to substantiate the claims that have been made on its website.

If you Google the names of some of the popular brands of these “man boob reduction pills” you will find hundreds of affiliate sites all claiming that the pills are the best thing since the invention of the wheel. This is because they get paid a commission when they send you to the manufacturer’s website and you make a purchase. Most of them don’t care if the pills work or not, they just want to grab the commission.man boob reduction pills

Some of the outrageous claims that have been made are:

These pills target the mammary fat glands in the chest area of men – If this were true don’t you think that the major drug companies would have picked up on this and released pills that target the fat in legs, belly, arms or face?

See results in just two weeks – Different people have differing levels of fat, so to claim that you will see results in two weeks is absolute nonsense.

We know G*****n works for 99% of men & we guarantee it – Proof? Medical studies? This is yet another claim that cannot be substantiated by facts.

The product has been “Endorsed by Doctors” – What doctors have endorsed this product? Who are they? What kind of doctors? What qualifications do they have to endorse such a product?

One affiliate website even posted before and after photos of men that had supposedly taken these man boob reduction pills. After searching Google images I eventually found the source to be from various Gynecomastia surgery sites, in fact not one of the photos were a result of the subject taking pills to reduce their man boobs.

Do these types of Gynecomastia pills actually work?man boob reduction pills - do they work

After searching hundreds of bodybuilding, weight loss and gynecomastia forums there are a lot more negative reviews than positive ones. Some user’s state that they do work, however, many have stated that they only work when used with a healthy diet and exercise plan and many others have stated that they don’t work at all.

With the lack of medical evidence that these man breast reduction pills actually work, I would be very wary of taking them on their own, without incorporating a diet and exercise plan, in the hope that they will reduce the size of your man boobs.

The companies that manufacture these pills have very cleverly targeted a large group of people who are desperate to cure their problem. If the cure happens to be a magic pill that eliminates the need for diets and exercise, then that’s even better.

If you do want to try the man boob reduction pills, then by all means give them a go. After all, what have you got to lose, apart from money? Just don’t be suckered into thinking that you can take a course of pills and go from Dolly Parton to mister universe in a couple of weeks or so.

Could the man breast reduction pills help me to lose excess chest fat if I am on a diet and take regular exercise?

Once again I have to say that everyone is different and what may work for one person won’t always work for another. You cannot target just the fat in your chest, it’s your body that decides where the fat comes off from first. Even if you perform chest specific exercises you may end up building muscle over fat and end up with an even bigger chest until the excess fat in that area is burnt off.

Side effects of man boob reduction pills.

During my research I encountered a few people that had some side effects whilst taking the pills. However, as with any medication, some people will suffer from side effects whilst taking a particular medication and others who are taking the exact same medication won’t suffer any type of negative reaction. If you do decide to take the boob reduction pills and notice any side effects of any sort, stop taking them immediately and consult your health care provider. If you want some real user reviews, visit Amazon.com and read what the people who have actually purchased these pills have to say about them.

Updated: September 13, 2016 — 3:36 pm
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