why are my man boobs getting bigger with exercise

many people associate man boobs with someone who is not fit, overweight or obese, however there are many reasons that menWhy are my man boobs getting bigger with exercise develop breasts, including; gynecomastia, hormonal imbalances, lifestyle and drug side effects.

You may believe that when you get started on an exercise routine your man boobs are going to get smaller. However, it doesn’t always work out that way and as you will see this can be a complicated subject.

Usually, when the problem of enlarged male breasts is caused by an excess weight issue, most men will turn to exercise to reduce them, which is ok if the excess breast fat is indeed caused by being overweight.

However, there is a condition called gynecomastia that can cause a man to grow breast tissue similar to that of a female.

Prior to developing a workout plan and diet, you should get examined by your health care provider to ensure that you don’t have a hormonal imbalance. As soon as that’s eliminated, it’s time for you to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise plan to get rid of the boobs.

Why are my man boobs getting bigger with exercise?

Once you have embarked on your exercise plan you may find to start with that your chest is getting bigger instead of smaller. This is because the chest muscles are getting bigger but the fat hasn’t begun to dissipate from the chest area yet. A vey important fact to keep in mind when this occurs is that you simply have to be patient. Eventually the excess fat will be burnt away, however it usually takes time and perseverance.

It doesn’t matter what part of the body you’re exercising, it’s in fact your hormones and genes that will determine where the excess fat is burnt off from first. Your genes could be pre-programmed to burn excess fat from your arms first, then off your stomach, then from your legs and finally from your chest, It doesn’t matter what workout routine or type of exercise you choose to do, no matter whether it’s weight training, yoga, aerobics, cardio, running, jogging or swimming, the excess fat will be removed from the body in exactly the same predetermined sequence according to your hormones and genes.Man boob Genes

Trying to spot train to remove fat from a specific area on your body is not going to work, you need to develop an exercise plan that targets the whole body. You’ll want to aim for a balanced body, so it’s crucial that you work on the whole body. All your workouts will certainly lead to losing excess body fat.

Avoid over-training: Overtraining can case the body to produce high levels of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can lower the testosterone levels and cause weight gain, so, don’t go mad with the exercising. Less is sometimes more.

Building muscle below the excess fat may make your chest look larger in the short term, however, the fat will eventually disappear and you will end up with a manlier chest. Upper chest workouts should not be avoided, but you really need to plan for a transition time between man boobs and man chest, it can take some weeks before you start noticing any change to the size and shape of your chest.

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